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  • By Badgranny
  • Posted 13th July, 2016

The Engine Swap



It’s very common for car-owners to encounter various problems during their car’s life span. Issues may range from power-steering failure to irreparable engine damage, and rectifying these problems can be a confusing process for many people. However, car troubles can also be seen as a chance to completely refresh or upgrade your car, and even achieve a better performance. The key is to know when to play it safe and when to go for an all-out upgrade.


When modification is the right route


For auto enthusiasts, the modifying world is all about giving old cars new life. Indeed, modification is typically the route for old vehicles whose parts are no longer available. When it comes to engines, it is not always necessary to re-use the manufacturer’s original engine (which may not always be possible due to unavailability). Instead, what many now opt to do is upgrade their engine to one that can fit into their selected chassis.


This can result in huge power in a small car; take, for instance, Toyota’s bullet-proof and time-tested 2JZ GTE paired with an old Caribbean favorite, the Datsun 120Y. The Datsun 120Y is a very old car at its core, but with a bit of massaging, its chassis can accommodate this Toyota engine with its potential 1,000 horsepower (hp). Fitting such a light car with this type of high horsepower engine instantly makes the vehicle a dragster with just one swap.



When to hit the brakes on modification


Horsepower aside, the reality is that your standard Nissan Wingroad or Tiida will not last forever. The engines in these new, economy sub-compact cars are not as robust as engines from the last few generations of vehicles; they are prone to failure due to over-use and non-maintenance by users, and there are often factory defects with the transmissions.


If such engine failure occurs, the engine needs to be replaced to allow for continued use of the vehicle. Difficulties may be encountered when doing such a swap, as not all engines are able to work seamlessly with the car’s electrical system. It is therefore important to replace the engine with the exact engine that was in the car before to avoid extra costs such as re-wiring, which can potentially lead to more problems.


Remember to always use a certified mechanic when doing any major engine work on your car. If you are looking for assistance make sure to visit us at www.badgranny.com and look out for our Bad Granny TV Series on CNC3.