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  • By Badgranny
  • Posted 19th August, 2015

Dont Get Ripped Off

If you live in Trinidad and Tobago, and you have a car, let’s face it you have probably gotten ripped off in some way or another or at some point in time. There are some mechanics and dealers that operate honestly, but some that do not.



So we would like to share some of the ways that you can learn how to “Not Get Ripped”.



  • Tip #1 - Ask for your old parts back! 



Sleezy mechanics will tell you that they needed to change parts that never needed to be changed out. They can then, take your part and re-sell it on the secondary parts market.



You cannot fully prevent this from happening, but after you collect your car, ask for your old parts back. Check to see if your filters were really dirty or if your brake pads were actually worn down.



Now, they can always give you back old parts from the same type of car, but it will be a little bit harder for them to do that as they will have to find the same exact car to take the old parts from; but at least your putting a measure in place and showing anyone working on your car that you are watching and looking out.



  • Tip #2- Keep your bills!!


Keep your bills from your previous services and check to see what is being changed out and how many times it is being changed. If something is being changed very frequently then ask a question.



Most items have specific life spans that you can easily find out online. Some examples are:



  • Clutches- Every 30,000-50,000 KM


  • Break Fluid – Every two years


  • Change Oil - Every 5,000 KM - 10,000 KM (Depending on oil type used)


  • Spark Plugs – Every 16,000-32,000 KM (Approx. once a year)



Also remember that some things can be fixed and do not necessarily have to be changed.



  • Tip #3- Find a reliable mechanic



Make sure to ask around and get some feedback from other people, who have used the mechanic before. Don’t just go to the first guy you see, or a friend of a friend whose cousin’s brother fixes cars. Look out for recommendations and testimonials. Speak to people who have been servicing their car at that shop for a long time. This may not find you the perfect mechanic but being a knowledgeable consumer will get you off to the right start.