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  • By Badgranny
  • Posted 25th July, 2015

Turning a Ford Ranger into a Mobile FreeZee Truck

One of the hallmarks of Bad Granny is the way Manufacturing Specialist Jason Reece always pulls off even the most impossible projects with his characteristic can-do approach. From the moment Jason gets an idea into his head—no matter how crazy or far-fetched—there’s virtually nothing that can stop him from getting it done. That was exactly the case when the FreeZee brand asked Bad Granny’s team to create a mobile FreeZee truck that could make and sell the ice-cold slushies all over T&T.


After doing his research, Jason opted to use a 2014 Ford Ranger toserve as the mobile FreeZee distributer. However, the Ranger was still going to need major modifications to be able to hold the combined 1,400-lb weight of the FreeZeemachine and generator. Jason recalls, “People told me I would need a 20-foot trailer to hold all the equipment, but I was determined to make it fit in the tray and rear cabin of the Ranger.” Needless to say, he had his work cut out for him.

To accommodate the massive weight of all the equipment, Jason and the team custom designed a suspension lift for the Ranger, and then raised and levelled the truck to fitnew20” tyres and rims. A bespoke power system was designed and installed to run the 240 60-amp Snap Freeze Unit needed to make the FreeZees. Then, the truck’s rear cabin was transformed into a supply and delivery system. Along with the truck’s new functionality, Jason also turned the Ranger into an eye-catching FreeZee mascot by covering its exterior in a fully-branded custom wrap.


Although time was working against them, Jason and the Bad Granny team were able to completely revamp the Ford Ranger, turning it into an innovative, fully functional mobile FreeZee distributor that the client was thrilled with.


Even though Jason loves watching people’s reactions to the FreeZee truck, he says there was nothing better than seeing it out on the road over Carnival 2014for 48 hours straight—for a full-blooded Trini like Jason, what greater reward could he ask for than keeping masqueraders refreshed so the party could keep on pumping?


To see the full modification job check out the video on www.badgranny.com