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  • By Badgranny
  • Posted 16th August, 2015

World-Class Stunting Right Here in T&T

When the news spread that Bad Granny will be entertaining Guiness World Record holder Jesse Toler and female stunt rider Dena Sodano at their 2015 Motorsports event, Bad Granny industry associate Bin Stuntin was determined to modify a motorbike to match her first-class standards. For him, there was no better choice than the 2013 Kawasaki ZX-6R (636) street bike.



Ali’s company, Bin Stuntin, has rebuilt every ZX model since 2005, so they were eager to get cracking on the 2013 model. The Bin Stuntin team got straight to work on modifying the ZX-6R for improved handling and performance. To beef up the bike’s safety, an Impak Tech crash cage was installed, as well as a Brembo handbrake, NDC caliper brackets, and a RFC short clutch lever. The bike was also fitted with a stronger, reinforced aluminium subframe, and steel braided brake lines to enhance the effectiveness and longevity of the bike’s braking system.



To optimise stunt performance, a freestyle stunt gas tank by Mark Rico was installed, along with a stunt clip on the handlebars, HT-Moto freestyle stunt seats and an extra-durable titanium scrape bar for better stability. The sprocket size was also increased from 43 to 60 teeth to improve acceleration.



Each phase of the rebuild went smoothly thanks to Bin Stuntin’s connections with local and international parts suppliers, and the rebuild was an indisputable success. For Ali, the project was particularly gratifying because this latest 636 model was only reintroduced to Kawasaki’s sport bike line fairly recently, in 2013,after a seven-year hiatus.